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How to Be a Landlord in San Jose Maintenance Costs and Longevity

One thing you need to plan for as a landlord is how to handle the maintenance costs in your rental home, and what kind of longevity to expect from your appliances. We were recently talking about maintenance to one of our new property owners and he said his house is about 10 years old, so […]

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How to Be a Landlord in San Jose Pet Policy Part 2 – Companion and Service Animals

There has been some confusion about what t is a pet and what is really a service animal, or a companion animal. Since the passage of the American with Disabilities Act, which is several years old, the idea of refusing anyone the ability to rent your property because they have an animal is no longer […]

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How to Be a Landlord in San Jose Pet Policy Part 1 – Liability

There are a lot of people who have pets, and they want to keep the pets, even when they move into your rental home. The question of whether to allow pets comes up for landlords all the time. Some houses are laid out perfectly for pets, but most are not. I think there is no […]

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Why Should I Hire a Property Management Company in San Jose? Tenant Screening

Today, we’re talking about an issue that gets lots of owners in trouble, and that’s the tenant screening process. It’s an area that requires you to be assertive and aggressive in some things, but also prohibits you from asking any questions that could be discriminatory. There is some confusion about tenant screening because of the […]

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How to Be a Landlord in San Jose – When your Tenant is a Hoarder

A recent television show has highlighted the plight of hoarders and helped to give people a sense of what hoarding is. Hoarding is definitely an addiction, and like all addictions, it can be really hard to break. There are a number of mental health professionals who think it’s a mental disorder. There is no confusion […]

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What Do You Do When a Tenant Doesn’t Pay? How to Evict in San Jose

One of the questions that landlords often mind most terrifying is: what happens if the tenant doesn’t pay rent? First, I advise that you do something that might be a bit uncomfortable, and that is – go and talk to the tenant. Go to their door, knock on it and see if you can find […]

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